About Casey Pickerill, MD

A Practice Based On Values

I believe everyone has a personal story…and I enjoy listening to those stories and making healthcare decisions based on what my patients tell me. I get immense satisfaction from determining a diagnosis based on the history my patients provide. I like to avoid extra steps and unnecessary processes in the practice of medicine. I strongly believe patients should not have to fight a system in order to receive the medical care they deserve. My concierge medicine practice has allowed me to live these values every day.

How I got started

My dad was my mentor, a well-respected family physician. I was extremely fortunate to join him in his practice after completing my residency. While I learned the “science” of medicine in medical school, I learned the “art” of medicine by practicing with him, side-by-side for five years.

My passion

I have a passion for providing preventative care. My focus is on risk reduction and helping patients find a way to attain a high quality of living with less disruptive medical events. My concierge practice in Lafayette, IN, really is an extension of my faith – and my ministry is being able to help people live well by staying healthy!

My life outside the office

I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kathe and our three sons, Nolan, Cal and Kipp and watching and coaching my son’s baseball games. I volunteer with the American Heart Association and offer high school athletic medical care as a volunteer.. I also enjoy exercising and woodworking.