Meet the Team

Deb Cavanaugh, Office Manager

Deb has been working with the Pickerill family’s medical practice since 1977 when she began assisting Dr. James Pickerill. She has continued in support of Dr. Casey Pickerill through the inception of Pickerill, Adler, and Reed in 2004 and now Pickerill Personalized Care which was formed in 2013.

Deb is available to meet all of the patients’ needs from appointments to prescription refills to referrals or to handle just about any question that may arise. Deb continues to like the challenge of learning new things but what she most enjoys is her work with patients, and having the opportunity to assist them with whatever they need. Deb’s continuity of service, calm, reassuring demeanor gives patients the security to know that she is here to help.

Outside of the office, Deb likes spending time with her three grandchildren and her two children – a son who lives in Ann Arbor, and her daughter who lives in Lafayette and is a teacher at McCutcheon High School.

Michele Ferlic, MA

Michele joined Dr. Pickerill in 2004, just as the South Street office was being opened. Michele was born in Lafayette, and moved to Germany as a child where she received her medical training. She returned to Lafayette after graduation ….and stayed!

Michele believes her day does not officially begin, until she sees her first patient…as that is what gives her the most satisfaction. The one-on-one time with patients is valuable, she likes to learn about each patient and discover what is going on in their lives. She feels fortunate to work with a wonderful physician, like Dr. Pickerill, and together they collaborate on sometimes complicated issues and it is extremely rewarding to see patients getting better through their care and attention.

Outside of the office Michele enjoys her spending time with her dogs, gardening, and cooking.